Muse. Ramble. Rant. Repeat

About Me.

Me25. Female. Liberal. Overachiever.

I ramble. A lot. I type how I talk. There are a lot of periods because I am a story teller and story tellers Pause. For. Dramatic. Effect. I also sometimes rush to tell you something and forget to punctuate at all making sure to have a long never ending sentence so that you know I’m talking quickly. I seriously abuse the word seriously. I like to make up words. I use this blog as a way to tell stories – about my life, my friends’ lives, and the night before. I also try to sneak in some advice on how I see the world. I’m not a writer, not professionally. I don’t want to ever be a writer – they don’t make enough money. My degree is in business, my job is in numbers. I’m in a field where most women aren’t because of the nerdiness, networking and calculations. I read reference books for fun. I am a walking sponge of useless information. I’m a geek who wears high heels and a full face of makeup.

I live with my husband, CJ. He’s awesome. We have a fat cat named Dante and a German Shepherd puppy named Misha. Every day my house becomes a bit more like a zoo.

may have a drinking problem. The jury’s still out.

Oh, and I’m Canadian. Everything you’ve heard about us is true. Especially the part about dog sleds.


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