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The New Girlfriend

On Saturday night I went to a show with a girl I know whose boyfriend is in a band.* At this show there were the usual fans of the band, the girls who flirt with the lead singer, the boys who like to get drunk and hit on the girls, the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of the band and me. I’m not really into music… of any kind… but I like to drink so I’m there.

Also at the show was the newest girlfriend of one of the band members. This particular boy cycles through girls like it’s his job; so to meet a new one doesn’t even phase the WAGs. The new girl (and I’ve met several) will always try to impress those around her. One can’t help but be nervous when faced with a large group of people – a wrong move and you’ll be out. Usually, the new girl will act quiet and reserved or focus on trying to be friends with the guys – rarely do they find a way to break into the established girlfriend clique. When CJ and I started dating I made the same mistake – I was able to win over his guy friends but it took me years to get in with the girlfriends (I’m now firmly established if only because I’ve outlasted most of them).

However, this girl purchased drinks for all of the WAGs (and me, because I’m a lovable drunk) and then forced us onto the dance floor and acted like a fool – ignoring her new boyfriend and all other boys all night.

It was perhaps the most brilliant thing I have ever seen go down. In one quick and easy move, this girl won over all of the WAGs. At the end of the night all we could talk about was her awesomeness to the boys – which won them over because they listen to what their wives have to say about a girl. I didn’t even realize how sneaky this girl had been until last night when I met a different new girl in a different situation and she spent the entire night trying to fit in with the other boys in the room – not even acknowledging the girls. Us girls, being girls and all, promptly dismissed her and bitched about how she ignored us to our significant others. Of course I don’t think she actually ignored us, I just think she was shy and intimidated by us. But the next time she sees us, she’ll need to work harder to win us over. And ultimately, if the WAGs don’t like the new girl, she rarely stands a chance.

Back to the successful new girlfriend of the band – when all was said and done, everyone walked away with warm fuzzy feelings about her. The one who didn’t friend-flirt with the boys, who didn’t desperately try to impress the girls, she just bought us drinks and danced. She was so sure she would fit in that it worked – not over-confident, not bragging, just being cool. She figured out the situation; who the real people she needed to impress were and she did it.  

We should all try to be that girl.

*One of my favourite things to say about having a boyfriend in a band is that it’s like having blonde hair – everyone does it at some point and some people stick with it but most realize it’s more hassle than it’s worth.


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