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Snow Shovel Stealing Jerks.

It snowed yesterday; so much snow that it made most of the city shut down. CJ and I both happen to work in industries that don’t believe in snow days (or vacation); so we dutifully pulled ourselves out of bed at 6am so we could shovel out and get going.

At 6:20am we discovered that our snow shovels had been stolen.

At 6:20:05am, I screamed at my (mostly) sleeping neighbourhood.

By 6:22am, CJ was shovelling out with a garden shovel, telling me to calm down and just sit in the car (I did feel a little bad I couldn’t help him shovel but even when I have my own shovel I mostly stand around and complain about the cold).

We managed to get on the road by 6:45am and then got about 5 minutes from home before realizing that it was really bad out and we shouldn’t be on the roads (there were buses stuck, cars sliding into one another, a complete mess). So CJ calls in sick and I reschedule my meetings for the afternoon. We go home, make breakfast and go back to bed. While I’m still upset about the shovels, I can deal with it because in my mind some poor homeless guy took them so that he could dig out a snow fort to sleep in – plus one was broken and we kept meaning to replace it anyways.

At 3pm, I’m getting ready to leave the house (I had an appointment at 4pm) so I grab the garden shovel so I can get out again (thanks snowplough). As I’m shovelling, cursing the small handle I look down and see our neighbours shovelling out too. At first I nod and then I notice their shovels. Two yellow handled snow shovels with a hole in the middle of one of them – I happened to be missing two yellow handled snow shovels with a hole in the middle of one of them. At first I think I’m going crazy – but really, how many yellow handled snow shovels with a hole in the middle of one of them can in a block?

So I plaster a smile on my face and yell, casually and without the rage I was feeling inside of me:

“Nice shovels! You can return them when you’re done!”

The douchebag hipsters look up at me and shrug. My eye starts twitching, I turn green, bust out of my jacket and go hulk on their smug asses…. well actually… I get in my car and scream at the radio (if they’re willing to steal shovels I bet they’re willing to key my car). As of this morning no shovels have been returned to us and I hate our neighbours. Again.

I think the worst part of it, is that had they asked to borrow the shovels, I would have happily let them. I’m neighbourly. I’m friendly. Part of the reason we chose to move to this area was because we heard there was such a sense of community. However, the community is still growing and I know there is some resentment towards the yuppies (us) who are pushing the “struggling” hipster artists out; but I actually believe there is room in the neighbourhood for everyone – but not if the hipsters are going to steal from the yuppies. Because this time I’ll pretend you needed the shovels more than I did; I can afford new shovels. Next time? I’m calling the cops.


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  1. * Akirah says:

    How frustrating! How rude can you be? Wow. It sucks when people steal from you, especially when you’d be willing to let them borrow IF THEY’D JUST ASK!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago
    • * mmacc says:

      I know! In fact, CJ probably would have helped them shovel out because he’s nice like that… instead … .grrrr

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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