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Passive Aggressive Service Announcements: Job Edition

Don’t complain about your job. Don’t complain about your job. Don’t…. ah, fuck it.

I have one of those dream jobs people my age talk about. I am my own boss. I decide how much money to make (roughly, I decide what to charge and hope people are willing to pay it. But generally if you take what the average family makes in my area I make just a bit more than that, will make significantly more than that next year, and in five years I should be prancing around tossing money to the poor while wearing a seal skin coat*). I love my job. It’s awesome. That being said sometimes, just sometimes I want to scream at the very people who I need to keep happy in order to get paid.

Right now is my busy time and I want to send a general PSA for everyone out there:

If you have a person who does contract work for you and you don’t employ that person fulltime (which means you don’t pay their medical insurance) you must realize that they have other people they also have to work for. I know this concept is hard to believe but I have more than one client. This means that when you can’t reach me 24-7 I’m probably with another client, sometimes I’m not even at my office because I’m with another client. So the messages saying something along the lines of:
“It’s Monday morning at 9am and I’m at your office and you aren’t here. Where are you? Why aren’t you here?”
Are mostly useless because if we didn’t have an appointment there is no reason for me to be at my office. Or when you demand something from me on a Friday afternoon at the end of the month, I probably can’t do it because I have a million other things to do for a million other clients. I can’t drop everything I do to tend to just one client. If I did that I would lose all clients. And then I would be poor. Also, I know what I’m doing. I have a degree and four years experience in this area. I may be young but I am smarter than you when it comes to this stuff. It’s my job to make this look easy. What I present to you – the single piece of pretty paper that makes everything clear – comes from hours and hours of work behind it. No, it’s not as easy as it looks because it’s my job to make it look easy and simple.

So please, if you hire someone and they always produce what they promised on time and of a high quality, how about you lay off them just a little bit? Remember they have other things going on and if you want someone to be at your beck and call perhaps you should spend the $$ and get that?

Thanks. I feel better now.

*That’s right. I am all for clubbing the baby seals. Ok, not all for it… but we don’t complain about killing the ugly animals so I’m not sure why the cute ones should be saved. Generally I think all hunting is icky but necessary for survival… yah, how’s about I move away from this subject. Let’s pretend I said a mink coat. Mm’kay?


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  1. * LiLu says:

    It’s totally a double-edged sword. You can either work under other people and they will drive you crazy, or you can work for CLIENTS and they will drive you crazy.

    At least you’re making more than if you were working for the man?

    Have some vodka.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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