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Consider this your sign.

This past week I had a silly problem that I didn’t know what to do about. I fretted and stressed about the problem. I talked about the problem. I made lists about the problem’s cons and pros (no, really, I do that). After much thought I had decided to take the worst possible solution because I have pride (which is just a nice word for being stubborn).

Then an opportunity literally walked by me this morning.

I believe in signs and meant to be. I believe in greater purpose and I firmly believe you can fuck things up when you are trying to do your best. I don’t know what will happen to my problem but I know I had a sign this morning and chose to do the right thing with it. It’s out of my hands now but it made me think on a grander scale.

It’s my firm belief that the universe will present opportunities and it’s up to you to decide what to do with those opportunities (call this “god’s plan”, “the secret”,” karma”, etc). I believe that you can only take as much as you give otherwise bad things will happen to you (for example, take from the Earth too much *cough*fossil fuels*cough* and bad environmental things will occur).

So, now this is where you come in. You, dear readers, have been presented with several opportunities in the past week that (most of) you are walking away from.

I’m not going to lecture (much) but there are real world problems going on. They are always there and the more I get caught up in my little petty problems I more I feel compelled to think of the bigger problems. Haiti. Love Harder. Your local community problems. It doesn’t matter where you put some thought but put it there today.
Stop reading about it and do something about it.

I want you to look at your bank account right now and figure out how much you can afford to give. It doesn’t matter if it’s $5 or $500, what matters is the thought. If you really can’t afford to donate any money (hey, I’ve been there too) please consider giving some of your time away. A Saturday afternoon means nothing to you but the world to an organization that is short on people. I promise Jersey Shore will still be there when you get back.

Also, open your cupboards and give some food to your local food bank. Be thankful there are such programs in place to help. You’ll never know when you’ll need someone else’s help and you’ll be thankful that you put just a little bit out into the world when you need to get some back.

Click here to donate to Love Harder

Click here to donate to the Red Cross


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  1. * theweightofitall says:

    Amen. You’re my sign.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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