Muse. Ramble. Rant. Repeat

“For a couple of hours, I actually thought I was Patrick Swayze”*

Tonight I’m going to Jon Lajoie.

Jealous? You should be.

He’s a comedian of internet fame. We’ve had these tickets for months and months now. Originally he was to perform in September but cancelled and moved the date until January. This actually works better for Nova Scotians because the only other activity we have to do in January is complain about the cold and snow. It’s actually a national past-time in the winter… except for those stuck up British Columbians. Don’t let the Olympics fool you folks, they only get snow in the mountains… on the ground it’s all sunshine and rainbows. A few years ago I went to Vancouver in February, we went skiing in the morning and sailing in the afternoon. Sailing! In February! It was almost tropical!

As an aside – yes, this entire country is laughing at those silly American cities that shut down for a few inches of snow. Also, I may or may not be exaggerating. Halifax weather is basically Boston weather except three days later (Now Ottawa – that is a cold place. I went skating last year on the Rideau in -35C weather (-31F) because I’m tough !).

What? I totally haven’t had too much coffee today.

Yah, so Jon Lajoie. Go forth. Watch his videos. Laugh. Unless you aren’t into twisted funny. Then go watch Dane Cook or something. But I’ll judge you. And I’ll stop being your friend.

Happy Weekend Kids!

*That title only makes sense if you watch the below video. Which is totally not work-safe unless your work is down with the word “fuck”.


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