Muse. Ramble. Rant. Repeat

The Nose Knows

I promise to get to all the stories about Christmas. About crazy families, getting a cold because my teenage cousins couldn’t keep their hands off my drinks (of which there were several), how Santa spent allllll of his money on us, and how turning 25 in a mere week doesn’t even phase me.

Until then, I’m still busy with Holiday stuff and I leave you with this little tale:

On Sunday, I was feeling horrible so I laid on the sofa for the entire day moving only to get more water and cold meds. CJ, who for some unknown reason, didn’t want to hang out with me while I whined about being sick and left for the day. When he arrived home at 10pm, I was already asleep on our sofa so he went to bed.

At 2am I woke up, dazed and confused, crawled into bed with him. He, being a good boyfriend, put his arm around me and kissed me on the forehead while still being mostly asleep. Just as I was about to snuggle into his arms I smelled him. And then I smelled him again.

It was unmistakable. CJ smelled like another woman. I could smell a perfume on his skin that wasn’t familiar to me – I couldn’t place it and jealously immediately boiled up in me. I’d love to tell you how I thought nothing of this and went quietly back to bed because I trust him and love him…. but… I didn’t. Instead I woke him up and insisted that he tell me exactly where he had been that day: who he had seen and more importantly if he had hugged anyone. He, dazed and confused at being woken up at 2am but a mildly angry me, told me about seeing his guy friends and visiting his parents. He said he had hugged his mother and then told me to stop sniffing him and go to sleep.

I mostly accepted this and took one final sniff of him – he did smell a bit like his mother but not quite. Something was off and I didn’t like it. But I do actually trust my boyfriend and knew that it was probably the cold meds talking crazy and not me.

Of course, I couldn’t just fall asleep after that. I started thinking about my reaction to smelling another woman on CJ. I’m not a jealous person and yet I could help but feeling suspicious. This is clearly a skill from years and years of evolution – before one could figure out if your man had been cheating on you by looking at his cell phone and facebook page all you had to go by was your nose.  Of course made me think of the saying “Something smells” and I can only wonder if it has something to do with this. I would normally google and find out – but I figure that would make this post turn far too nerdy for the average person.

Anyways, I eventually got to sleep and had almost forgotten about the incident until I called my mother-in-law to thank her for all the beautiful presents she had given us for Christmas. She then told me what she got – a fancy perfume that is really different from her regular one.


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