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What this Canadian is thankful for…

We celebrate Thanksgiving in October. When ya know, the harvest is being harvested and stuff. However, I’m aware that my American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving today so I thought I’d write a little “What I’m thankful for post”.

I want to note that I’m not trying to offend anyone. You are completely entitled to your own opinions. I’m entitled to mine.

I’m thankful that I’m Canadian.

I’m thankful that when CJ broke his foot it cost us $95. And that was because we got the expensive boot-cast ($50), forgot to put the crutches through the insurance plan ($40), and his pain pills (3 month supply) was $5.

I’m thankful that there is no threat of anyone taking away my right to choose. Not that I have to worry about that because my birth control costs $5 every three months and I can have any pharmacy fill my prescription.

I’m thankful that every single one of my friends can get married at anytime they want to anyone they want. Sexual preference doesn’t matter.

I’m thankful that 59% of Canadians firmly believes in evolution.

I’m thankful that this country believes in multiculturalism and not a melting pot.

I’m thankful that if I were to choose to smoke pot (not that I ever would, ahem) no one cares including the police (ok, they care a little but not really).

I’m thankful that our most extreme weather is snowstorms – even if global warming (of which 91% Canadians believe in) has been making it snow less.

I’m thankful for being able to travel to Cuba for really cheap every winter to escape said snow.

I’m mostly thankful that after years of  igloo, hockey, kraft dinner and funny accent jokes I, as a Canadian, can point at all of my liberal American friends and yell “Who’s laughing now, eh?”


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  1. * Akirah says:

    You’re tempting me to leave this place….


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 12 months ago
    • * mmacc says:

      That’s the point! :D
      PS. Love your blog, especially your outspokenness.

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 12 months ago

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