Muse. Ramble. Rant. Repeat

Mother Fluffing Snow

We crawl out of bed and stumble around, sleep drunk, pulling on clothing, brushing teeth and the such. We walk to the door and look outside.


Growing up in a winter climate you forget how awe-inspiring the first snow really is. Even though the sun hasn’t risen yet, everything is illuminated. The big fluffy flakes come from the sky and dust everything, giving trees, decks, and even cars an artificial highlighted look. When laundry makers are scenting and naming their products it’s this smell they are trying to capture. They fail, of course, but the cold can only be described as “crisp” and “fresh”. In that first silent moment of taking in the winter scene everything is perfect and beautiful.

It’s in that second moment that every curse word you’ve ever learned floods into your head. If you are truly modest (and I’m not) you manage to keep those words within. CJ and I trot back into the house and put on another layer of clothing. Hats, gloves, boots.

Winter, who had been threatening to come for the past month, arrived this morning.


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  1. * Lindsay says:

    SNOW!! Oh how I am sad to have missed the first snow fall. Again I get to be that person who gets overjoyed by the weather everyone else is cursing.

    Now I’m off to prance around in my snowless and Autumn-feeling environment.

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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