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How to get your boyfriend to do something around the house…

I have no qualms about going naked… well, no qualms about it in the privacy of my own home. I often come home after a hard day of work, strip off my work clothes and toss on boy shorts and a tank top. If that. Clothing seems to be a bother when you are home alone*.

*This dear friends, is why you must call before you come over. And never, ever just walk into my place without knocking first.

This naked business actually spawns a wider debate I often have with my girlfriends about their comfortable level of naked with their significant others. I don’t understand women who refuse to have sex unless the lights are turned off. (I actually can’t remember the last time I had sex in the dark because I’m clumsy and if I don’t have a light on someone is getting hit in the face with my foot – that someone is always CJ and he really doesn’t appreciate it). I recoil in horror when I find out about a friend who has NEVER seen his girlfriend’s boobs (and they live together). And while I’m not that girl who will whip off her shirt after a few drinks in a crowded bar (anymore, heh) but I will change in front of my friends and don’t really care. My body is my body – I can’t change it, I can’t really hide it; so I might as well embrace it and enjoy it. This philosophy has always served me well and I’ve never had a partner who didn’t enjoy my willingness to be free, open and naked at anytime. Consider this a Wednesday morning lesson –no loving man would ever, ever, ever think that your love handles, saggy boobs, dimpled bottom or whatnot is anything except perfect because he gets to have sex with it. If you have a boyfriend who says anything about your body in anything except a “oh my god isn’t it awesome!” way you should leave him. There is someone out there who will only pay you compliments and be happy that you have boobs (regardless of size they are all awesome) and a vagina.

On a seemingly unrelated note – we are finally moved into the new place. A home with older charm located in central Halifax it has eleven beautiful large windows on all sides of the house. It also has neighbours on all sides with lots of walker-bys since we live on a busy street. We came from an apartment building that had three windows (albeit, also large windows but still only three) with a view of the water – so we had window treatments but they weren’t really a priority, they were more of a decoration. On our first walkthrough of the house, I carefully measured all of the windows and set out to make sure I would have window treatments for all of them before we moved in. I then spent a week carefully running between stores and considering the various options – shades, curtains, blinds – in various colour options – muted tones, designs, etc.

And then life happened. I got busy. I forgot about all the windows until last Thursday, when we were finally able to move into our flat. We looked around the empty space and realized that we didn’t have nearly enough things to cover the windows. We got the bedroom curtains hung up, the bathroom, and two out of the five windows in the front done. The rest would have to wait until we had more energy and money. I told CJ that I wanted time to think about what to do with each room – and this thinking has overwhelmed me for the past couple of days.

But I had forgotten about my naked thing. Upon moving, I became a girl who likes her naked in a house with a lot of windows.

I’m sorry to my neighbours who are prudes and prefer not to see.
You’re welcome to my neighbours who are voyeurs and enjoy the show.

I don’t really care either way. I kinda sorta pretend to care a little bit – I’ll throw a bra on or something if I’m walking around; but for the most part I don’t care. CJ on the other hand – CJ is a man who cares. He cares about people seeing him in just his boxers. He cares about people seeing me waltz around fancy free, he also really doesn’t want the new neighbours to hate us as much as our last … um … five have. So, without even consulting me, he went out yesterday and spent about $200 on window stuff. If only I had known a month ago it would be that easy to get everything picked out and hung up.


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