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Moving is fun. Reason #2

We’re in the process of moving (into the finally completed flat! Boo-ya!) and I’m on a tight deadline so this one will be quick.

Moving brings out the worst in CJ and me. Normally a happy couple; moving causes us stress and issues we can ignore (his hoarding tendencies, my controlling nature) come into the light and demand attention.

Half of the furniture I own was once my sister’s. She is 9 years older than me and fairly established in her life with very nice furniture. However, taking care of three girls apparently isn’t enough work for her because she often redecorates. Her husband doesn’t like the hassle of reselling furniture so they always call me to see if I want it. A few weeks ago she called me up and asked me if I wanted her dining room table (which is bar height and seats 8) because she doesn’t like it anymore. Now, I already have a really nice kitchen table that we paid good money for but it only seats four. So I thought about it for three minutes decided to make that table into a desk and store the extra chairs until we move into a house; the new table will become our main table. I talked this over with CJ at the time and he agreed. Last night, in the new place I saw him taking the table and moving it to the back door.

Me: Honey, what are you doing?

CJ: I’m throwing* this out. Aren’t we getting the new table tomorrow?

Me: Yes, but I’m still keeping the old one!

CJ: For what? Where are you going to put it?

Me: In the office – remember? And I’m going to use the desk for a vanity in the bedroom and we’re throwing* out the old vanity.

CJ: Well then I’m throwing out the other three chairs!

Me: No you aren’t! We might need those someday if we get a house with a breakfast nook and dining room!

CJ: You are impossible! Why do you want to hold onto this stuff?! You can just buy something new when we move!

Me: You wanted to keep the empty texas mickey bottle because it was the first one you ever had and you’re saying I’m impossible because I want to keep the $500 kitchen table? ARE YOU *&#*$)!?
(I may have said an offensive term then that I don’t condone the use of but rhymes with batarded)

CJ: That has sentimental value! This table is not sentimental!

At this point I stormed off to the kitchen to unpack the glasses and CJ put the table and chairs back in the office.

Ahhh, love.

*We don’t throw out – we donate to families who aren’t so ridiculous or fortunate to be able argue over what to do with two dining tables but would be rather happy to just have one.


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