Muse. Ramble. Rant. Repeat

Weekend update with Se… uh, me.

Rundown of my weekend. In point form. Since all my good words were exhausted on the previous post.

 –         Shopping. Little black dress with a zipper down the back. More than I wanted to spend, not so much it hurt me but enough to lie to CJ about it.
“This dress? This old thing? Totally got it on sale a million years ago… only $50, I swear”

 –         I broke B’s bed this weekend. I’m not sure if it was the bribing cleaning sex (oh, please like you’ve never done it) or the three drunk girls flopping on it during the 10-minutes-before-we-absolutely-have-to-leave-the-house-in-order-to-make-an-appearance-at-this-party to touch up their makeup. However, it’s broken and I’m tasking CJ to fix it tonight.

 –         Hot Pink Lips and Electric Blue Tights. Similarly – L’Enfant sported teal eyeliner with matching teal tights. LBDs and cleavage abound. We were the picture of a hot mess on Saturday night.

 –         I’m all for saving money but Metro Transit? Last bus of the night*? From my part of the hood? Never.Again.
*Here in teeny tiny city buses stop running at midnight. Then your only ways home are expensive cabs (cost more here than in the big cities!), walking (like we can do that in these shoes), and designated drivers (the preferred method).

 –         Couldn’t find the party we were supposed to be going too. We were given the wrong address. We suspect it was a few houses down from where it was supposed to be since that is where the cop cars were. For some reason, we decided to skip the party to go to an acquaintance’s house.

 –         Acquaintance had Duck Tales on DVD. Must find me a copy.

 –         A pirate! On stilts! In the middle of downtown! Much amusement. Almost knocked over. Scariest job ever?

 –         Bar: Bad DJ (kept yelling “And ya’ sure to remember this one!”. I was clearly the oldest one there. We didn’t remember those songs at all)     Tequila shots! Hipsters! Balding older men! This city has clearly gone to hell.

 –         Home: chair destroyed; cat molested; too much KD consumed.

 –         Sunday: hungover. Busted on price of dress (damn you online banking!). Realized vodka was inadvertently consumed (will buy you a new bottle KF). Electric blue tights in tact: success.

 –         Mad Men. Faneffingtastic.

  And really, that’s all I have to say about the weekend.


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