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Of Moving and Bobby Pins.

I’m currently sitting in my brother-in-law’s apartment surrounded by boxes and boxes of stuff. My hair dryer is MIA, my suitcase with all my business clothes is buried under several pieces of furniture that I can’t move. There are little pathways that go from the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room to the bathroom. You can no longer access the laundry room or dining room.

Moving is hell.

It wouldn’t have been that bad if we could have just moved into our new place. However, it’s being renovated (formally a crack house it needed a lot of renovation; Go Go Gentrification!) and they are a teensy bit behind schedule. I’m not that upset by it – the new place is kickass enough that some wait time is ok. However, this meant we needed to move in three phases: first take all of the big furniture to the new place to store. Second: take the remaining items and move them into CJ’s brother’s (B) place since we are staying here until our place is ready. Thankfully, B is away on business for the month so he kindly offered us his apartment free of charge. The third step will be to move our stuff into the new place when it is ready…. At least it’s all packed right?

Living out of suitcases is not ideal. Living in someone else’s space isn’t either. B is a bachelor and his entire apartment shows it. The kitchen is unorganized and filled with fourth-hand mismatched items. The glasses aren’t in a logical place. I can’t figure out where he stores his food (perhaps he eats out every night) – I threw out yogurt that expired in March. His bathroom has been scrubbed three times with bleach and I’m still not happy with it. I’m trying hard not to replace everything he owns with something new (I don’t want to discuss the shower curtain *shudder*). CJ tells me that B wouldn’t appreciate me buying new things for him – that it would be seen as intruding. I’m trying to convince him a little womanly love wouldn’t harm the place.

On the plus side of the apartment: big screen tv, digital cable, queen sized bed (I bleached the sheets before I would sleep in them) and a drawer filled with booby pins and hair elastics. This drawer is clearly a graveyard of girlfriend’s past but I’m enjoying it because I don’t know where my hair products are packed. Actually the drawer reminds me of a story a girlfriend of mine once told me; let’s call her GF (girlfriend) for the time being.

GF had just started seeing a guy and things were going well. They were at that stage of spending loads of time together – sleepovers, movies, date nights etc. but not quite at the stage where you announce your relationship. They hadn’t even discussed if they were exclusive yet. GF, not wanting to talk to the boy about their relationship but wanting to feel out the situation started leaving bobby pins at his place. Her rationale was that a bobby pin is barely noticeable to a boy but another girl would notice. She was passively marking her territory. We laughed at this story at the time – but a year later and they’re still together. He’s fantastic by the way and I’ve been banned from telling this story ever, especially around him.

Anyways, when I look in this bathroom drawer of various hair things all I can think of are the poor girls who were trying to mark their territory. And… well it didn’t go so well for them. Actually looking around the entire apartment (except for where we have our things piled up) it’s completely girl-unfriendly. I would be scared off if I were a potential girlfriend and this is what I walked into. I would theorize it’s on purpose but B doesn’t put that much thought into things.

I’m totally fixing this place up for him. He can argue with me later about it… besides I need something to do while I wait for my new place to be ready.

PS. I’m not ungrateful – B is letting us stay here for free; it’s a nice thing he is doing and I totally appreciate it. I just need the place to be cleaner – and who can argue with that?


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  1. * KF says:

    Hahaha :D I love it!

    Can’t wait until you guys are moved into your new place .. I peek in every time I go past and it looks prettier and prettier every day.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Lindsay says:

    GF huh? :) I love that story, it’s adorable. And a brilliant idea.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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