Muse. Ramble. Rant. Repeat

Moving is Fun: Reason #1

A conversation between two lovers:

Me: Honey, why is this thing* packed in this box?
(*the thing could have been anything – from a high school cap to a strobe light to an empty texas mickey)
CJ: Because I want to keep it.
Me: (with thing in hand over garbage bag) But what are you going to use it for?
CJ: I might need it.
Me: When might you need it?
CJ: At some point.
Me: Give me a specific example of when you are going to need to use this thing again
CJ: ~Details to some outrageous scenario involving use of thing~ Don’t throw it out. You already made me throw out other thing**
(**other things involve years old textbooks, ugly shirts and old shoes)
Me: You are impossible! We don’t need this thing in our smaller (but more awesome) apartment! We won’t have room for this thing
CJ: ~audible sigh~

We have had this conversation about 163 times so far today. We’re not done yet either.
Weeeee… moving is fun.


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