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Moving and Songworms

I’m moving this weekend.

Kind of.

We’re moving into CJ’s brother’s apartment while we wait for our new place to be ready. I hate moving. I especially hate the thought that I need to move twice in a month – but that’s the price you pay for awesome apartments.

I’ll be packing all weekend (with some help from good friends and copious amounts of alcohol) … so … my weekend is hopefully not going to suck too much. We’ll see.

I’ll leave you with Serena Ryder. She’s amazing and you should go look up several other of her songs. This is the one that I’ve been singing lately so enjoy.

Just a general note: I, unlike talented and thoughtful bloggers, do not have any significant meaning behind my musical selections. They are songs that get stuck in my head. I then end up singing them in the office, at home, walking down the street. At this point I realize I like the song and usually want to share it with other people. I sometimes don’t even get the meaning of the song – at least not in the sense of wanting to give a deeper meaning to it. So don’t read anything in to it, mmkay?


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  1. * Keri says:

    I heart her. I have seen her live twice, and she is even more amazing!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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