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Friday Happy Dance!

It’s Friday!

I’m doing a little happy dance right now. Seriously. Well I didn’t get up out of my chair but I did wave my arms around like I just don’t care.

Tomorrow I’m having some of my favorite partners in crime over for dinner and wine. The official plan is that we are going to work out our Halloween costumes – this always requires some serious planning as we go over board. How many nights a year can someone dress up as whatever they want and go dancing? (One) So you need to take advantage of it. I need to top last year’s costume of a peacock styled flapper. My current thoughts for a costume is to go as a Parisian Vagabond (I don’t know what that means yet), and no doubt will involve a decent amount of eye makeup, glitter glue, high hells, netting, feathers, etc. But I digress.

The unofficial plan for tomorrow night is that I am going to get my ladies drunk and take them dancing. They just don’t know it yet.
(well they do now – HI KF AND LADY! – make sure to bring some fake lashes tomorrow night!).

The amount of excitement I have over this “sneaky” plan is sad and says something about the state of my current social life (neglected due to work).

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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  1. * KF says:

    Hahaha .. I’ll pretend to be surprised tomorrow. Surprised and yet coincidentally wearing stilettos and lashes ;)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago

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