Muse. Ramble. Rant. Repeat

Von! Ah-ha-ha

OR: How to keep the love alive.

OR: No wonder the neighbours think we are crazy. Part 200

Last night CJ was telling me a story involving our friends. To emphasize a point – of which has no relevance to this story but was a mean jab at someone he added an evil “Ah-ha-ha”.

This triggered some happy memory in my head of The Count from Sesame St. I told him so and then he told me he could do The Count! Information, surprisingly enough, that had never come up in a previous conversation.

“Von! Ah-Ha-Ha! Two! Ah-Ha-Ha! Tree! Ah-Ha-Ha!”

Giggling, I tried to imitate him. With poor results. This launched an accent contest of sorts with us going back in forth with every possible foolish accent we could muster. It’s been long known that my dear boyfriend thinks he can do certain accents and can not. A good example is his Aussie which mostly sounds like Yogi Bear. However his German is spot on, along with the Count from Sesame Street and his mother.

I, for what it’s worth, can do a great southern accent (of the US variety), my Minnesotan isn’t shabby and my Northern Canadian accent is pretty good. Neither of us can do the Nova Scotian regional dialect. We both got em’ city accents. Of the East Coast Variety. It’s like a vague all-American accent with a few twangs of “not how you pronouce that word” thrown in. We also say zee and not zed.

What can I say? We can’t do anything else. CJ is crippled. Little things amuse us.

A little unnecessary censorship to make your day:

Ok, perhaps not make your day, but it should mildly amuse you for two minutes and then get stuck in your head until you find yourself singing it standing in line at the grocery store. What? That doesn’t happen to other people?


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  1. * Peter DeWolf says:

    There’s a NS accent?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  2. * mmacc says:

    We have quite the accent. We talk too fast and people from out West don’t understand us.
    Every region has an accent, it just depends how far into the country they live. If you live in a city it tends to get lost. But having family from Middle-of-Nowhere, NS I can assure you we have an accent.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  3. * theweightofitall says:

    These little moments are what make relationships worthwhile; being silly together, and discovering those quirky things that otherwise would not come up in day to day conversation. This totally made me smile…and gives me hopes. ;) Thanks for reading!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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