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Evil Socialist Canadians

I’m not the first to observe the craziness of sitting in an Emergency Room. I’m not going to be the last.

 In Canada, we have a glorious wonderful FREE health care. Ok, actually we pay a higher tax rate which funds about 70% of services; then most people have additional coverage for the remaining 30% – dental, vision, prescription drugs – but it is FREE in the moment and that’s what counts right? Also, we Canadians are evil socialists. That’s what happens when you have health care. This means that we don’t pay to visit a doctor. We don’t pay to visit the ER. We don’t pay for X-rays. And although we do technically pay for prescription drugs most doctors will do whatever they can to give you samples of free drugs if you don’t have additional health care coverage to cover it. In university when my health care lapsed because I was too poor to pay the $110 yearly premium my doctor just gave me samples of birth control. Birth control that at full cost is still only $15/month. And I get the expensive brand name stuff. But the trade off to my free drugs is the evil socialism. Ya know, like how we have … um … and we do … yah. Why is universal health care bad again?*   But I digress…

 Due to this wonderful freeness; it is not uncommon to go to the ER and see people sitting in the waiting room with clearly non emergency symptoms. Why these people go to the hospital when we have free clinics all over the place mystifies me. It is these people that are clogging up our wait times.

 Right now, looking around, I see few people who look like they should be here. Now you never know why people are at the hospital, I’m sure CJ and I look normal enough until you see CJ hobble to the bathroom on a clearly sprained ankle. Possibly broken. We’re not sure yet. However there are some people who I’ve heard describing their problems and I’ve deemed them not eligible to be here. This includes:

 –         A woman who is lying down on a bench of chairs. She is complaining she doesn’t feel well and just asked the doctor to give her some pain pills. This, she claims, will make her feel better so she can go home.

–         A street kid who has a scratch on his forehead from a fight. Besides asking for band aids, he also wants some food.

–         And finally a woman who came into contact with someone who had swine flu. She has no symptoms but is demanding to be tested.


 This is going to be a very long day for us due to these people who should have gone to a clinic and I’m getting a little upset by it.

 This is on top of the anger bubbling of why I’m at the hospital. But that’s a story for later. Once I find out what’s wrong with my boyfriend.


*Come on kids, I’m not an idiot. Long wait times, doctor brain drain, less fancy procedures. However, I will get treated if I have no money. I will also not die in medical debt. Unlike in the US where it’s a too bad, so sad type of deal. There are benefits to both, but I think this claim that there is no middle ground is dumb.


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  1. * Lindsay says:

    Actually, working at a clinic makes me pissed off at the people listed like these who DO come to the clinic. Or the emergency room. I get pissed at anyone who takes up doctor’s time just to give themselves ridiculous peace of mind. If you have no symptoms you shouldn’t be here. End of story. Unless you’ve made an appointment. People are stupid. Free health care just gives them an excuse to be. But, I’d rather a waiting room full of idiots than one person being left out of luck when they really need it.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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