Muse. Ramble. Rant. Repeat

Lobster Red.

This morning I finished a huge project that has consumed my life for the past week. It’s such a sense of accomplishment to finish something before the sun even rises. I think everyone should try it once.

What? You kids don’t wake up in the middle of the night in a panic and need to finish your work when you have a deadline looming? Huh? Silly… what are you doing? Sleeping at 4am? Waste of time.

Before I started working for myself I would do the normal thing of working 9am-5pm and then I would leave all my work on my desk in my windowless office and be done with it until the next morning. Now, I have deadlines, clients and no regular paycheck so I find myself working All.Of.The.Time. It has left me very little time this summer to do anything fun…

…Which explains how I got lobster red sailing on Sunday. CJ’s parents own a sailboat and it was the first time all summer I got out on the water. Despite applying SPF45 every two hours to every inch of exposed skin I still somehow managed to burn. I laughed at SPF85 but you better believe I’m going to get me a bottle before I spend any more time in the sun. My skin is painful and I have strange tan lanes (apparently the sunscreen worked some of the time). So I’ve been bitching about it to anyone who will listen and bathing myself in aloe vera…

…Which explains why I was laying on my sofa in only my underwear with my curtains wide open and fan blasting in the patio window. We have this huge common area patio that goes out about 20 feet or so – so if our neighbors are at the end of their portion of the patio they can look back and see right into our living room. Normally not a problem – except when I’m naked and red. You can guess the rest of this story – but make sure you include my high pitched scream.

Welcome to my world of embarrassing happenings. I blame it all on my job.

**EDIT** Oh, that’s right, I have a red eye that matches with my red skin. Wooo, all sex appeal over here. ***


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